"That dreams come true, I affirm. And that the most special things sometimes come without looking for them, too.

Dientedeleón.bcn was born from the need to stop, oxygenate myself and find my place.

It's my perfect definition. The tenderness of babies, the contact with people, the constant search for something new, the bohemian and the floral world. This is my project and in every part of the process there is something of me: the choice of fabrics, the design, the preparation and the final presentation.

Dream, search, stop and breathe because that is where the most beautiful experiences appear."


Here all the ideas are born, some of the products are sewn and a large part of the Dandelion fabrics are stored.

When we decided that we wanted to live in a town, we were clear that we needed a house with spaces for our projects.

A space with lots of natural light, spacious and where I could design, cut and sew comfortably.

This is a dream. A dream fulfilled with a lot of work for years.

Enjoy the garments as much as I do designing them, making them and preparing them so that they reach your hands.